Effective Ways To Cover The Bald Spot On Your Head

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If you are experiencing male-pattern baldness and have a large, circular spot on top of your head that is lacking hair, you may be inclined to cover your head with a hat when you are in public. Instead of camouflaging the fact that you no longer have a full head of hair, try one of the following options to cover the bald spot and provide you with a natural appearance that will help you remain confident. 


Micropigmentation is a process that is semi-permanent. A dye is used that matches the color of your natural hair and is injected through bare skin in a similar manner that a tattoo is administered. Unlike a tattoo, however, dye is not injected as deeply. Micropigmentation will last for several years and can be performed again if some of the dye begins to fade. To learn more about the treatment process, meet with a hair replacement specialist.

If you opt to have micropigmentation sessions completed, a numbing agent will be applied to your head prior to injections being made. Several sessions may be required, depending upon how large the bald spot on your head is. If there are any scars on your head that you wish to cover, micropigmentation will be effective, but may require more sessions than a standard procedure. After you have completed sessions, use a pair of hair clippers to trim your natural hair so that it blends in with the dye. For more information, contact local professionals like Aesthetic 3d Ink.

Colored Hair Thickener

Colored hair thickener needs to be applied to clean, dry hair. It is a product that will add volume to strands of hair and minimize the appearance of a bald spot. If a thickener contains keratin, it will assist with stimulating hair follicles. With regular usage, follicles that seemed to be dormant may begin producing hair again.

Massaging your scalp after applying a colored hair thickener will help the product penetrate your scalp. Because the thickener contains a dye, it is a good idea to wear a pair of rubber gloves when administering the product. Cover the surface below you with plastic sheeting or a drop cloth so that thickener does not stain it. 

Custom Toupee 

A custom toupee that is made with real hair can be purchased that is the same color and texture of your natural hair. Measurements of your head are necessary before ordering a toupee. A sample of your natural hair may also be required so that hair that matches perfectly will be used to create your toupee. If you visit a salon to have a toupee made, you can try on the finished product while in the establishment to see how you look and a stylist will show you how to comb the hair so that it blends in with your natural hair.

If you order a toupee through the mail, practice putting it on while looking in a mirror. Wash the toupee occasionally with your favorite shampoo and keep strands of hair knot-free by adding a small amount of conditioner to them.