Your Hair Looks Great! 4 Steps To Keep Your Wig Looking Beautifully Natural

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Wigs are a big investment of time and money. If you wear wigs, you want them to look real, which means they need to be well-maintained. Like natural hair, wigs need to be cared for on a daily basis. You can't just toss them around and expect them to look beautiful and natural. Here are four simple suggestions that will keep your wigs looking beautiful day-after-day.

Use a Wig Stand

When it comes to wig care, the most important piece of equipment you can invest in is the stand. You don't want to just toss your wig on the counter when you're done wearing it. You want to store your wig in a manner that allows it to retain its shape. That's where the wig stand comes in. Wig stands provide a safe space for your wig to rest while you're not wearing it. The natural head shape ensures that your wig won't become misshapen. The wig stand also prevents the hair from becoming matted and knotted.

Take Care When Brushing

Wigs require special care during brushing. Because the fibers are sewn to the cap, they can come loose during rigorous brushing. Not only that, but the fibers can break if they're not brushed properly. To protect your wig, and prevent hair fiber damage, you should never begin brushing from the top down. Instead, begin by slowly brushing the bottom layers of your wig first. Continue slowly moving towards the top until the entire wig has been brushed. To help prevent tangles, and fraying, apply a light misting of leave-in conditioner before you brush your wig.

Be Cautious with Heat Styling

If you're going to be using heated styling tools to get the look you want out of your wig, be sure to take care. Too much heat can destroy your wig. Before using heated styling tools, make sure your wig is made from natural hair and not synthetic fibers. If your wig is made from synthetic fibers, don't use heated styling tools. You could melt the fibers and ruin your wig. If your wig is made from natural hair, apply a light misting of heat protectant styling spray before using your heated tools.

Store Carefully

If you're going to be storing your wig, be sure to do so carefully. Storing your wig in a hot, moist location could ruin it. To protect your wig during storage, place your wig on its stand, and store it in a cool, dry place, such as your bedroom closet.

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