3 Common Questions About Cold Caps

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Cold caps are still a somewhat new tool used during chemotherapy, so many people have questions regarding their use. This article will discuss 3 common questions that people have about cold caps.

How Do They Work?

One common question that people have about cold caps is how they work. While the technology of a cold cap is quite advanced, the way that they function is actually quite simple. The cold cap is made up of two caps; the first cap is the actual cold cap, and the second is a cap made from artificial rubber that holds the other cap into place. The cap is generally controlled via a computer, and is to be worn right before, during, and for sometime after your chemotherapy treatments. When the cap is turned on, it will begin cooling your entire head. This is said to constrict the blood vessels in your head, so that they are not as actively flowing with blood. This in turn will also freeze up your hair follicles, so they are going to be much less likely to fall out. Since many women, and even some men, do not want to lose their hair during chemotherapy, this is a wonderful alternative for them to try.

Do They Hurt?

Another common question that people have is whether or not a cold cap hurts, and the simple answer is no. However, you will experience a sensation of cold on your head that can cause you to become chilled. Because of this, it is important that you have a warm blanket on you so that you don't become too cold while wearing it before, during, and after the procedure. 

Will My Insurance Cover The Cost Of The Cap?

When a person hears about the cold cap, one of their first questions is whether or not their insurance will cover the purchase and use of the cap. Unfortunately, this question doesn't have a simple, cut-and-dry answer like the other questions. While most insurances will cover some of the newer cold caps, many of them will not cover the cost of the older caps. If you are unsure, the best thing to do is simply to contact your insurance and see what their policy is regarding the cold caps. Also, keep in mind that some facilities have cold caps on hand that you can borrow, so you may not even have to purchase one.