Subtle Colored Highlight Ideas And Hairstyles For Your Hair

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You can wear that gorgeous brightly colored hair dye in your hair, no matter your age, or your profession. With the right type of peek-a-boo highlights, you can keep your color hidden while at work, or in the open for all to see whenever you want. See below for some colored highlight ideas and ways to style your hair:

Middle Of Your Hair Highlights

For longer hair, have the middle section of the back of your hair highlighted with any color you want, such as rainbow colored, or a blue and purple combination. Leave your hair down while at work to keep it hidden, or pull your hair half-up in a high bun to showcase your highlights. You can also pull all of your hair up to see the underside of the color to showcase it as well.

Colored Tips

You can have just the ends of your hair highlighted in more of an ombre look. Color it with a lighter color such as pink, purple, gray, or light blue. Keep the highlights hidden by pulling your hair up and into a bun or a twist, or leave it down to show off your color. Give it some texture and swing by curling your hair or just the ends.

Crown Highlights

Color the crown of your head with highlights in any color you prefer. You can keep them hidden by pulling your hair up, or parting your hair in a different way and leaving it down. You can show off the highlights by parting your hair in a way that shows the highlights or curling your hair to allow the peek-a-boo colors to peek out.

Bang Highlights

Coloring the bangs or the front of your hair is a subtle way of adding color, but it can be difficult to hide this type of highlight. If you work in a profession that may not approve of brightly colored hair, you may want to avoid this type of highlighting, at least with bright colors. You can use colors such as blonde, brown, caramel, red, or even gray for a more toned down look, rather than using those brighter colors.

Colored hair highlights can be worn by anyone at any age, and can look absolutely beautiful with just about any hairstyle. Keep it subtle if you work in a professional environment that may not approve of the bright colors. Talk to your stylist about peek-a-boo highlights with bright colors for a beautiful and trendy look.

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