2 Parts Of Microblading Training

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If you have an eye for creating great shaped brows, and you enjoy doing so, then you may want to consider becoming licensed in microblading. The course only takes a few days to complete, but is packed full of great information and hands-on training, It is these two things that allow you to learn all that you need to and become a great microblading technique. There are generally two separate parts of the microblading training, and it is done this way to ensure that you know all you need to know before you begin. This article will discuss 2 important parts of microblading training and what takes place in either of these parts. 

Conceptual Learning 

Just as with most other things, conceptual learning is where you will start. You will learn what microblading is, how it is performed, what tools you use, and every other detail needed to ensure that you know what you are doing and can microblade your clients professionally and accurately when the time comes. You will likely look at graphics, watch tutorial videos, and learn all of the vocabulary surrounding microblading. Since the microblading course isn't long, you will likely only spend a day or so on the conceptual learning, but it is very important that you thoroughly understand it because this is the foundation for understanding microblading and being able to perform it accurately on all of your future clients. 

Practice On Clients 

Once you understand the concept of microblading, and have learned all that there is to know, then it comes time for you to start practicing. You will generally start of by practicing on mannequins or other dummies that are not human. Once you have this down, you can then move onto actual clients. A lot of instructors will start of by having you do every third stroke or so. This allows you to do a lot of watching and learning from an experienced professional. while at the same time allowing you to put what you are learning to practice. As you work on more and more clients you will do more strokes on your own. You may do every other brush stroke and first, and then work your way up until you are doing the entire brow. Then, once you have mastered the strokes, and passed the rest of your course requirements, you can become licensed to microblade entirely on your own. 

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