Methods For New Barbers To Use To Care For Their Feet

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When you're fresh out of barber school and ready to earn a living in this satisfying field, it won't take long before you notice that your feet are tired at the end of a day. Barbering is a vocation in which sitting down is uncommon; if your shop has a steady flow of customers, you might spend an entire shift on your feet. It's important that you make caring for your feet a priority. After all, if your feet get too sore to stand, your career could be in jeopardy. Thankfully, there are a number of ways that you can keep your feet feeling good, even during and after long days at the barbershop. Here are some ideas.

Pick The Right Footwear

If you wish to dress sharply for work, you might be thinking that stylish shoes are your best choice. On average, however, dress shoes aren't the best choice for caring for your feet. Athletic shoes are typically a better choice. They provide more cushioning for your toes, heels and the balls of your feet, as well as proper support for the arches of your feet. Additionally, their side stability can help to support your ankles. There's no shame in wearing athletic shoes for work. Opting for all-black shoes can often pair successfully when you dress up, too.

Move When You Can

Because a barber's chair turns, you might be able to stand in one position for the entire length of a haircut — you simply rotate the chair to face each side of your customer's head. This strategy is less than ideal. Try to move when there's an opportunity; each time you take a step, it will reduce the pressure on your feet, if only for an instant. Additionally, keeping your feet moving as much as possible aids in the flow of blood to the area, which is good for the health of your feet. So, instead of turning the barber's chair, simply walk to the other side.

Practice Some Self-Care

When you get home from a long shift, try to get off your feet instead of stand more. Additionally, you can enjoy some self-care strategies. If you have calluses, file them down using a pedicure file. This can reduce your risk of developing pain, given that calluses can be sore to stand on when they reach a certain size. You might also wish to schedule a foot massage with a registered massage therapist. He or she can work to loosen the muscles and remove any restrictions that could be causing you discomfort.