Tired Of Dealing With An Itchy Scalp? Use These 4 Hair Care Strategies To Ease Your Discomfort

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An itchy scalp can have many causes, and it is frustrating to find yourself fighting the urge to scratch your head all day. While it is always best to have any new or extreme symptoms checked out by your physician, it is also helpful to try changing up your hair care routine. Over time, your skin and hair care needs can change, and you can use these strategies to ease dryness and irritation that leads to an itchy scalp.

Wash Your Hair Less Frequently

While there is no denying that having clean hair feels amazing, it is possible that you are washing your hair too often. Washing your hair every day can strip away the natural oils on your scalp. This can cause dryness, flaking and itching, especially if you live in a dry climate or it is the winter season. Try switching to washing your hair every other day to see if it helps. If your hair feels oily, then try using a dry shampoo.

Try a New Shampoo

It is also possible that your scalp itches from a reaction to some type of chemical that is in your current shampoo. For instance, sodium lauryl sulfate is a common ingredient in shampoos that can cause redness and irritation. Buy organic hair care products that contain natural ingredients that are gentler on the skin. When you switch shampoos, be sure to check the other products that you use as well since conditioner and hair setting products can also contain irritating ingredients.

Make Sure to Rinse Well

You might be tempted to squeeze in a fast shower on busy days, but it is important to take your time to make sure that all of the shampoo and conditioner is removed. Improper rinsing can leave a film on your scalp that slows down the natural hair shedding process. Spend a few extra minutes rinsing your hair to make sure that the only thing left behind is your scalp's natural oil.

Brush Your Hair Properly

Brushing your hair does more than just remove tangles and create a style. It also helps to remove dead skin from your scalp and stimulate the natural production of oils. Always begin brushing your hair at the scalp, and gently pull the brush down the rest of your strands.

An itchy scalp makes life miserable, and it can lead to further problems such as dandruff if the underlying cause for the itching is not addressed. By knowing how to incorporate natural remedies, offered by retailers like ZORGANICS, into your beauty routine, you can still enjoy freshly washed hair while being gentle to your scalp.