Understanding Why IPL May Be Better Than Laser Skin Resurfacing

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There are so many different skin rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments out there that it is difficult to figure out which ones are best for your skin and your problem areas. Two of the most common types of treatments are laser skin resurfacing and IPL photorejuvination. Keep reading to learn why photorejuvination may be a better option for you.

It Does Not Remove Skin Cells

Laser skin resurfacing is often suggested to treat deep wrinkles, severe acne, or serious skin dryness. During the treatment, a laser is used to carefully remove the outer layers of the skin to reveal the healthier epidermal cells that sit underneath the surface. Each layer is removed individually until healthy skin is noted. 

While resurfacing can definitely produce a healthier and younger appearance, the removal of the epidermal layers is not always necessary. This is where the IPL treatment comes in. It does not remove the outer layer of the skin. The treatment instead uses pulses of light that penetrate the skin and encourage the production of collagen. As collagen is created, the skin appears more plump, smooth, and youthful. 

If you have dry skin at the time of your treatment, then your dermatologist may suggest the use of an exfoliant or a separate dermabrasion treatment. 

The good news is that IPL treatment does not require a recovery period. This is something that is necessary when it comes to laser treatments.

It Does Not Hurt

Many people experience discomfort when going through laser skin resurfacing. Since the outer layers of the skin are removed, you are likely to feel soreness, and the discomfort is likely to last for several days. You will even need to place a bandage over your face in most cases and cover the skin with petroleum jelly. Swelling is likely, and you will notice red portions on the skin until new epidermal layers move to the surface of your face.

Soreness, redness, and swelling are things that you will not see with IPL treatments. You may feel a slight sting when the light pulses are activated and shine on your face. However, the discomfort is short, minimal, and it will not linger. People generally say that the discomfort is similar to that of laser hair removal.

One of the only disadvantages of choosing IPL is that you will need several treatments to see optimal results. However, the treatments are quick, easy, and relatively pain free. To learn more about IPL photorejuvenation, contact a company like Vivid Skin and Laser Center.