3 Things To Avoid Doing With Your Flat Iron To Prolong Its Lifespan

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If you are like a lot of modern ladies, the flat iron you use to straighten your hair is one of your most used beauty tools. This hairstyling tool gives you direct heat to your locks to leave you with perfectly straightened, healthy-looking hair without the frizz. Hair straighteners can range in price according to the model, but the best ones are always a little more costly. If you gave quite a bit for your flat iron, there is no doubt you will want to make it last as long as possible. Here is a look at a few things you should avoid doing with flat irons if you want to keep them around for as long as possible. 

Don't use your flat iron on hair that is heavily coated with styling products. 

Maybe you applied gel or hairspray to your hair yesterday, and you want to straighten your hair today. Perhaps you just got out of the shower and have a hefty layer of leave-in conditioner on your strands. Either way, it is best to only use your flat iron on clean hair or hair that has been lightly coated with heat-protectant spray. Excess hair products will basically get baked on the flat iron plates of the unit, which can lead to deterioration and a buildup of gunk that refuses to come off. 

Don't forget to clean your flat iron on a regular basis. 

Even if you only use your flat iron on clean hair, it will still have to be cleaned on occasion. Your hair is full of naturally present oils that can accumulate on the flat surface of the heat plates of the unit. With time, this natural oil can break down the plates and cause the unit to dysfunction. So it is a good idea to grab a damp cloth and wipe down the flat iron after it has been used. 

Don't rely on the auto-off feature to shut down the unit all the time. 

For safety reasons, most flat irons are equipped with an automatic shut-off feature that will turn the unit off if it has been left on for a certain amount of time. This is definitely a convenient feature but is not what you should rely on to shut down the unit. The longer your flat iron stays on, the more wear and tear it is on the unit, so it is always best to just shut it off manually after each use.