3 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Curly Weave

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If you've grown bored with your straight hair and want to change things up, the next time you get a new weave you should consider going curly instead. Curly weaves such as island curls are fun, carefree, and romantic-looking. A curly weave can help spice up your look while flattering your facial features, but curly weaves also require special care. Just like natural curls require a bit of extra TLC and attention to keep them looking healthy, so do curly weaves. Here are a few tips for keeping your new curly weave looking beautiful for as long as possible.

Opt for the Right Gentle Shampoo

Many conventional shampoos are simply too harsh for a curly weave. Harsh shampoos can strip the oils from your weave, leaving the color faded and the texture dry and lackluster. To protect your new curls and prevent this damage from happening, opt for a gentle shampoo designed specifically for curly hair, and ideally one that is sulfate-free.

While a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo won't lather like other shampoos, it will do a good job of getting your weave clean while also protecting it from damage. This one simple step can go a long way in extending the lifespan of your new curly weave.

Detangle with Care

Leaving tangles be will lead to a weave that is knotted and hard to care for, while being too enthusiastic in how you detangle your curls will damage your weave. The best approach is to detangle and comb out your weave each day but to do so as gently as possible. Instead of using a brush, try a wide-toothed comb along with a spritz or two of detangling spray. Start at the tips of your hair and gently comb out any tangles, working your way up one small section at a time.

Keep Curls Moisturized

To keep your weave looking glossy and lush instead of frizzy and dried out, you need to keep your curls moisturized. Use a daily conditioner designed specifically for curly hair after shampooing. Once a week or so, use a deep-conditioning treatment or hair masque to truly give your curls a burst of moisture. Just like with your shampoo, you will want to pick conditioning products that are gentle, designed for curly hair, and do not contain sulfates.

By taking the time to properly care for your gorgeous curls using products like an island curl closure, you will help your weave look its best for much longer.