The Best Haircut To Get This Summer Based On Your Current Hairstyle

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With the heat of the summer, a haircut that allows you to manage and style your hair without as much effort can be essential. Below are some of the best haircuts to get this summer based on your current hairstyle.

Have Thick Hair? Try A Choppy Lob

If you have thick hair and are looking to dial back all of the heat that comes with having a thick head of hair, you may want to go with a nice, choppy lob. A choppy lob will take the weight off your head. The layers in the lob will help thin out your hair as well so that it is not as thick. The choppy aspect of the lob will add texture and personality to your haircut and give you a fun and playful look for the summer.

Have Wavy Hair? Try a Layered Lob

If you have wavy hair, you know how much your hair texture can vary from one day to the next. A layered lob is a little different than a choppy lob. A layered lob is a little longer, falling right below your shoulders instead of above your shoulders.

With a layered lob, you add in a few different layers, starting around your nose. You want to add in three or four layers to your hair, which will help keep you cool and should also help reduce the frizz that is so common for wavy hair in the summer.

Even better, with a nice layered long lob, you shouldn't have to dry your hair at all this summer. Just allow it to air dry, and you'll get lightweight curls without the frizz and the heat.

Have Thin Hair? Consider Some Bangs

If you have thin hair, and you usually keep your hair styled short, you may want to change up your style a little bit for the summer. In the summer heat, when you have fine hair, it is common for your hair to go a little limp when it is hot and humid outside.

Adding bangs to your haircut can give your hairstyle a little more personality this summer. When the fall comes, you can grow your bangs and integrate them into your hair cut as a nice little layer.

Have Short Hair? Go for a Faux Pixie

If you already have short hair, go for some full relief and get a faux pixie to keep your hair nice and short this summer. With a nice faux pixie, you will not have to worry about drying your hair, as it will easily air dry. A faux pixie is short enough to keep you cool all day long while still giving you a little length to style and play with.

If you want a change this summer, talk to your hair cutting service about how you can change up your look while also taking away some the of the thickness and heat of your current hairstyle. Playful cuts with layers are a smart haircut choice for the summer.