Ask Your Barber These Questions About Your Sideburns

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Many men wear sideburns of different lengths and styles, and it's easy to become emotionally attached to the sideburns that you wear — especially if you've had them for a long period of time. During your next barbershop visit, it's useful to ask your barber some questions about your sideburns. He or she isn't just an expert when it comes to the hair on your head — barbers also know a lot of good information about facial hair. If you have a good relationship with your barber and he or she tells things to you straight, here are some questions that you should ask.

Do They Complement My Face Shape?

You might like the look of your sideburns, but it's possible that they're not a good fit for you based on the shape of your face. For example, if you have a face that is long and thin, sideburns that are also long and thin can make your face look even more this way. Encourage your barber to tell you the truth based on his or her expertise — it's probable that the barber won't want to say anything that sounds critical, but you want to know how a professional views your choice. If your sideburns aren't a good fit, your barber may be able to suggest a more appropriate length.

Are They Distracting?

There are people who go to considerable lengths to craft eye-catching sideburns. For example, some people dye their sideburns or even take the time to trim them into unique shapes. You might like this look, but unless it really benefits you in a specific way — for example, you work as an Elvis impersonator and want big sideburns to help look the part — they might be distracting. Your barber can shed some light on this topic, perhaps telling you that he or she sees your sideburns before your face. This might not be something that you want.

What Would You Do?

Don't hesitate to ask your barber what he or she would do if in your shoes. Based on a series of topics, including your face shape but also your personal sense of style, your hairstyle, your age, and other factors, the barber may be able to come up with a couple of recommendations. He or she can even show you images of these sideburns on a smartphone to help you envision how they'd look. If you're up for the idea, your barber can cut your sideburns in this manner.