5 Important Hair Care Tips for Men With Curly Hair

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Curly hair is a challenge. It's a challenge to maintain and a challenge to style. For men with curly hair, don't worry, there are solutions available to tame your curls and keep them looking good. Here are some hair care tips for men with curly hair.

1. Use the Right Comb to Detangle

For curly hair, always choose a wide-toothed comb. Anything finer, and the teeth of the comb might snag a lot and tear your hair. Avoid brushing your hair as a brush will work against your hair's natural curly configuration.

You should use your fingers to style your hair or remove tangles. When detangling, do it in the shower. The moisture from the shower will keep the curls intact without them frizzing up as you go along.

3. Let the Air Dry Your Hair

Whenever possible, you should let your hair air-dry. You can use a towel, but make sure you pat your hair rather than rub it. Rubbing your hair increases tangles. A microfiber towel works best for curly hair. If you use a blow dryer, use one with a diffuser. Go with a cooler setting first, then a low-heat setting to finish.

4. Use Oils and Conditioner

Curly hair often benefits more from oils and conditioners than it does from repeat washings. Natural oils tend to work best, and you can even apply them before shampooing to give added protection against the sometimes too deep cleaning of some shampoos.

Use oils and conditioners, or conditioners that contain natural oils, between washings or even casually over the course of the day. Curls like moisture and nourishment, which is what oils and conditioners provide. Look for products like leave-in conditioners with natural oils specifically designed for curls.

5. Shampoo Your Hair the Right Way

Washing your curly hair is important, and there are a lot of men's shampooing products out there. For your curly hair, look for shampoos designed to moisturize without stripping too many natural oils.

Shampoo about twice a week or even once a week. Curly hair doesn't benefit from daily shampooing. If waiting too long between shampooing makes you feel uncomfortable, you can use a dry shampoo every few days to help your curly hair deal with any light grime buildup.

Generally, curly hair enjoys moisture and gentle treatment. Many of the techniques for dealing with other types of hair don't work with curly hair. If you're serious about your curls, look for products designed to help them look their best while keeping them manageable.