3 Tips For Maximizing The Results From Your CBD-Infused Eye Serum

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Perhaps you're noticing more fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, and you want to do something about them. Or, maybe you frequently experience puffy eyes with dark circles, especially when your schedule is short on sleeping time. 

Consider adding a CBD-infused eye serum to your beauty routine to smooth, brighten, and tighten the skin around your eyes. Here are a few tips to help you maximize the results from your CBD eye serum. 

1. Apply Your Eye Serum with Complimentary Products

CBD, also referred to as cannabidiol, is an antioxidant. When used in beauty products, it works to counteract the effects of free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecular produced by your body's metabolic processes and from exposure to certain items in the environment (like chemicals and UV radiation). Antioxidants protect the skin and slow the signs of aging.

However, it's essential to only combine products with antioxidants (like CBD eye serum) with complementary products. Use your CBD-infused eye serum with other products that contain antioxidants, like vitamin C and vitamin E.

A skincare routine that combines multiple antioxidants is more effective at improving the appearance of your skin. You should also use your eye serum with a daily SPF to provide additional protection for your skin from UV rays.

Don't use CBD skincare products with retinol-based products. Retinol products work to repair your skin and build new collagen, while CBD-infused serums protect the skin. Use them at different times of the day to make sure each product can do its job. 

2. Look for a Vegan CBD-Infused Eye Serum

Vegan products often contain fewer ingredients; the ingredients that they do have are less likely to cause irritation, especially to sensitive skin. Products with vegan components typically have high-quality ingredients that tend to go on the skin more smoothly and last longer. 

3. Tap the Serum Instead of Rubbing It 

When you apply your CBD eye serum, avoid the temptation to quickly rub it into your skin. Instead, put a few drops on your ring finger and gently tap it into the skin around your eyes, making a circular pattern with your taps.

Moving in a circular pattern improves your circulation, making your eyes appear less tired and brighter. A tapping motion also pushes your CBD eye serum deeper into your skin. 

Tapping the serum into your skin avoids pulling and tugging on your sensitive skin. Over time, pulling on the skin breaks down the collagen, lowering its elasticity and contributing to wrinkles. It's also more efficient to tap your serum into your skin. This prevents you from inadvertently missing a spot. 

For more information, contact a local beauty company, like Just Beauty CBD.