Combat Hair Loss

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Washing and styling practices, stress, medical conditions, and hormonal changes may contribute to male and female pattern baldness. It is common for a group of hair strands to break off on a daily basis. If you notice large clumps of breakage or observe a section on your head where hair strands are less dense, use some of the following hair loss prevention tips.

Nourish And Avoid Harsh Styling

A mild shampoo will keep the scalp healthy and clean without stripping away keratin (a natural protein found in hair strands). Coconut oil and olive oil can help bind natural protein and protect hair from breakage. After washing your hair, add a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil or olive oil to your scalp.

Gently work the oil through your hair, moving your fingers from the top of your scalp to the tips of your hair. Leave the oil on your head for several minutes. Afterward, rinse your hair with warm water. Avoid the use of hot irons, blow dryers, or other hair styling aids that use heat. Heat can dry it out and cause premature breakage.

Improve Your Body And Mind

Increasing your protein intake can strengthen hair follicles and strands. Eat plenty of eggs, poultry, nuts, fish, and other protein-rich foods. Stress is occasionally linked to premature hair loss. If you have been overwhelmed lately, participating in yoga, slow-breathing exercises, or meditation sessions can help you reduce the tension that you have been dealing with. Tackle projects in a more relaxed state of mind, and avoid taking on tasks that are strenuous and time-consuming. 

Use A Topical Solution

Many topical solutions are designed for men, women, or both sexes. Several of these solutions are FDA-approved and sold at retailers worldwide. Each topical solution may be targeted to treat a specific type of hair loss. A foam or a cream will need to be applied to the scalp and gently massaged down the hair shaft. Some solutions may be noted for some minor side effects, including a slight irritation to the skin. 

A topical solution may need to be used for several weeks or months, prior to noticing a difference in the condition of hair. While actively attempting to treat hair loss, avoid using tight hair bands and other accessories that may restrict or pull on hair strands. Use a comb or a brush that contains natural bristles for styling purposes.