Final Cutting and Styling of a Wig

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Wigs have to be cut and styled to your satisfaction. While wig manufacturers do style the wig, of course, you need to customize it to your head and face. It's kind of like buying an outfit off the rack and then taking it to a tailor to have it altered to conform better to your body. When you have this cutting and styling done, you want to ensure the wig will actually be usable without causing annoyance. It's best to put the wig through a few tests.

Test It with Your Purse or Bag

If you're getting a longer wig cut a little bit shorter, keep testing the length out with your purse or bag strap. Be sure that the hair doesn't get caught under the strap. That could result in the wig being pulled off if you move your head and the wig can't move with it. If the wig is supposed to be very long, and the strands tend to rest on your shoulders no matter what, you may want to find a different bag, such as one with a thinner strap that's less likely to trap a lot of the strands from the wig.

Secondary Daily Styling

You'll have to do a little daily styling, such as brushing or tying back part of the hairs of the wig. When the wig is cut and styled to fit you, make sure you can easily style it the way you want to whenever you put the wig on. Obviously, it has one main style, but you may want to make daily tweaks, such as adding decorative clips or even changing the part, which you can do on some wigs. Discuss this with the stylist who is trimming the wig.

Keep Your Eyes Clear

The wig might have bangs that sweep down gracefully across your eyes when you first try it on, but when you actually wear the wig, you will not want those things blocking your vision and annoying your eyelids. When you have the wig trimmed to your face, ensure that your eyes will stay clear when you wear the wig after it's been trimmed. It may look realistic to have some hair fall in front of your eyes, but it's not realistic to think you'll actually want to deal with brushing hair out of your eyes constantly.

If you buy a wig from a physical shop, there may be stylists there who will cut and style the wig; be aware this will cost extra on top of the price of the wig. If you buy a wig online, such as an Alexander Couture wig, you can contact brick-and-mortar wig stores to see if they'll trim and style a wig they didn't sell. Once the wig has been adjusted to fit your head and face specifically, it will be a joy to wear.