Don't Wait For Long Hair: Why Choose Custom Hair Extensions

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If you want long hair, but you don't have time to wait for it to grow, it's time for extensions. Hair extensions can give you the length you want, without the long wait. But, you don't want to settle for off-the-rack extensions. You want to choose custom hair extensions instead. Custom hair extensions give you the length you want for your hair, with some added benefits. Before you buy your extensions off-the-rack, read the list below. Here are four reasons to invest in custom hair extensions. 

Start With Custom Color

If you want your hair to look natural, now's the time to choose custom hair extensions. Off-the-rack hair extensions come in standard colors. Unfortunately, those colors don't always have depth. Not only that, but the colors might not match your natural hair color. That's where custom hair extensions come into the picture. Custom hair extensions let you choose the right color. That way, your extensions blend with your natural hair.  

Get Handcrafted Wefts

If you want to add thickness to thinning hair, you don't want to add too many layers. One way to avoid wearing layers is to choose custom hair extensions. Off-the-rack hair extensions are made with machine wefts. With machine wefts, you need to add layers to get thicker hair. That's where custom hair extensions become beneficial. Custom hair extensions use handcrafted wefts. Handcrafted wefts let you add thickness without the extra layers. 

Personalize the Style

If you've decided on off-the-rack hair extensions, you might not get the style you want. That's because synthetic hair extensions can't get cut and styled. That's why you should choose custom hair extensions. Custom hair extensions can get cut and styled. In fact, you can schedule an appointment with your stylist as soon as your extensions are placed. You will need to wash and condition your new extensions before you get them styled though. That way, the extensions have a chance to blend with your natural hair. 

Ensure Quality Hair

If you've decided to get off-the-rack extensions, you need to think about hair quality. Most off-the-rack extensions use synthetic hair. Unfortunately, synthetic hair can shed. Plus, off-the-rack hair extensions don't last as long. That's why you should choose custom hair extensions. Custom extensions get made with quality hair. That means your extensions will continue to look natural day after day. 

Get the look and feel you want for your hair. Choose custom hair extensions and enjoy a more natural look.

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